Protect yourself from vision loss

A serious eye injury can significantly change a life and the respective income earning ability. Learn how you can protect yourself from vision loss.

Coronavirus Fact vs Fiction

The coronaviruses of which Covid-19 is a part of can cause illnesses such as the common cold, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS).

Winter Driving Safety

Planning and preparation are critical for safe driving. Additionally, be cautious and driving defensively when on the road in winter are key in staying safe whether the activity is for work or off the job.  


We live in a world and an age of distraction. Televisions, cell phones, computers, and electronic devices keep us tethered to our jobs, games, and screens. In tandem with our technology devices, the fast pace of our culture, our personal responsibilities, our jobs and the demands placed on all, keep us going and going - stressed out. Consequently, these obligations and distractions remove us from day to day living, time with our families, and the reality of our immediate environment, whether at work or at home. We will look at ways to remove ourselves from mindlessness to mindfulness.


    «Mesothelioma» es una palabra que no es muy común escuchar, incluso es algo difícil de pronunciar. Sin embargo, se anuncia en radio, televisión y, en billboards a lado de las autopistas, en los cuales abogados ofrecen sus servicios, pero solo en inglés. No obstante, muchos de habla hispana pasan desapercibidos estos anuncios sin tomar en cuenta que podría ser de su interés.

HACIA Board President & President of Solis Construction Ivan Solis gets appointed to the Illinois International Port District Board

Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot named several individuals to city boards and commissions on Wednesday.


“These appointees will be instrumental in improving the lives of every Chicagoan, especially those living in areas where investment has been missing for decades,” said Mayor Lightfoot.


“These individuals have spent their professional careers working to improve the outcomes of others and increase access to needed resources that are the right of every citizen, a mission they will continue for the greater good of all Chicago.”