Temp Workers, Staffing Agencies, Host Employers



Staffing Agencies

  • Determine what conditions exist at the worksite, what hazards may be encountered, and how best to ensure protection for the temporary workers

  • Ensure that existing hazards are properly assessed and abated

  • Maintain contact with temporary workers

  • Have a written procedure for workers to report hazards

  • Follow up on a worker’s safety and health concerns with the host employer

Host Employers

  • Request and review safety training and certification records of temporary workers

  • Make safety records available to temporary workers

  • Inform temporary workers on how to report a work-related injury or illness

  • Log workplace injuries and illnesses for OSHA purposes

  • Conduct thorough investigations of injuries and illnesses, including close-calls

Temp Workers

Four modules:

  1. Workers’ Rights - Common Safety Hazards

  1. PPE – Hazcom

  1. Forklift Safety - Ergonomics - Exits Emergency Evacuation - Confined Spaces

  1. Machinery and Guarding - LOTO