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FREE Walking Working Surfaces Certificate Training

A walking-working surface is any horizontal or vertical surface on or through which an employee walks, works, or gains access to a work area. The rules apply to walking-working surfaces in all general industry workplaces.

Slips, trips, and falls caused 805 fatalities in 2020 and 211,640 were injured badly enough to require days off of work. according to Injury Facts.

OSHA maintains general industry regulations on walking/working surfaces that guard against hazards including clutter, protruding objects and wet conditions. These hazards can harm everyone in a facility, regardless of title or job responsibilities.

We have just received an OSHA Susan Harwood Grant and are now able to offer this certificate training at no cost!

This 4-hour class covers the walking working surfaces methods per the 29CFR1910 Subpart D.

Workers will receive class material, reference guide, and training certificate - picture ID if taking training at our training center. 

Companies may receive copies of the training certificates and if requested, a class completion letter from the LWSC for their records.  

We train workers to understand that safety is a part of being a professional, and we encourage workers to address walking working surfaces issues with their employers.  

A safe jobsite is a productive jobsite!