Fall Protection Hazard Awareness


Fall continue to be the number one cause of injuries and deaths on job sites. There are too many workers not properly trained - the LWSC has been addressing this problem over the last 10 years and has developed this trianing to help workers and to help companies develop a more professional workforce.

This 4-hour class covers the recognition of fall hazards and the methods of fall prevention and in the case of falls - Fall Protection. 

Training includes the use of guardrail systems, safety net systems, warning line systems, controled access zones.

Also covered is fall protection on scaffolds and the proper use of ladders. 

We train workers to understand that safety is a part of being a professional and we encourage workers to address fall protection issues with thier employers and as a last resort, to refuse unsafe work!

We encourage and help employers understand how to create fall protection plans and site safety plans. To create a safe workforce from which they will benifit in many ways!

Fall Protection is a concerted: Workers must be trained. Supervisors should also be trained. A good safety plan. Employers must enforce fall protection practices on the jobsite. Workers will appreciate a safe jobsite!