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Jose Villalobos Headshot
Assistant Director
Jose Villalobos

With the LWSC:

Jose bridges the gap between General Industry and his specialty, Construction. He has recently joined the team and is serving as the Executive Director Assistant for the LWSC.

Education and Certifications:

Jose has his Associate’s Degree in Occupational Safety and Health. He holds certifications from NIU.


Jose comes from a construction background, where he managed accounting and safety management. He progressed on the field and started training carpenters in safety best practices. He oversaw setting up safety programs and manuals for onsite carpenters.

He was the first line of contact with all General Contractors and saw that all safety documents were submitted on an orderly basis.

He implemented company policy for injured carpenters and was the person of contact for all emergencies. For any injury, Jose had to follow through with documentation, doctors, and workers compensation. Following this he had to begin an investigation and come up with ways to prevent similar injuries in the future.