Ivan Solis
Ivan Solis


Ivan Solis is the president of Solis Construction, Inc. an Illinois company incorporated in 1994. Solis performs General Contractor and Carpentry services.

Carpentry runs in the family. Ivan grew up amid the smells of freshly sawn Mesquite wood used by his grandfather to make Tortilla presses and Mahogany used in his father’s woodworking shop in Zacatecas, Mexico, where he also worked as a young boy.

Ivan’s family migrated to the southeast side of Chicago in 1990. He attended Olive Harvey Community College and skipped a year of school to work as a full time carpenter. Ivan resumed school and graduated as an Honor Roll Student from Holy Trinity High School and soon after he decided to devote his energies to raising a family and work in the family business. Ivan took over the business in 2002 and he is responsible for management and setting the company’s business direction.

Solis’ clients include owners, management companies, condominium associations, schools, both private and public, and major general contractors. Solis has successfully completed numerous projects in the Chicago area, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. Typical projects include new construction, tenant build-outs, multi-family unit rehabs, high-rise window installation, timber framing, custom millwork and high-end residential. Solis is certified as a MBE/DBE with the city of Chicago.