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Consultant for Multicultural Companies
Layla Sarquis-Cubillo

It is very common in consturction to have workers from many cultures working together within a company. Communitcating with these workers may be a challenge for company management. Layla shares the solutions for these multicultural companies and gives supevision the know how to manage a diverse workforce.

Personal Development Expert and the Executive Officer of Multicultural Solutions LLC. Her mastery in the field of Psychology of almost 15 years has granted her the opportunity to understand and effectively work in multicultural settings; with her unique and creative teaching style she equips others with positivism and effectiveness. Originally from Costa Rica, she successfully held her private practice in Psychology while also working as a consultant for diverse companies and organizations in dual languages; her passion for speaking life unto others also extends to the U.S. college classrooms and organizations where she teaches diverse subjects in the area of Psychology and diligently conveys the message that we are created to thrive!

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