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Workers must be trained in a language they understand. The Latino Worker Safety Center is a not for profit, multilingual training center providing training throughout Region V. Classroom is located at the Minnesota Safety Council location - 474 Concordia Ave St Paul, MN 55103-2430 These are OSHA compliant Hazard Awareness Certificate trainings - at no cost to workers or contractors with fewer than 250 workers. • Excavation Safety: Anyone entering an excavation must be trained in excavation safety. This is a four-hour class that includes class materials, book and certificate. • Hazard Communication: The second leading citation issued to companies is the lack of training on the new HazCom standard. All workers potentially exposed to any chemical at all, must be trained. This is a four-hour class that includes class materials, book and certificate. • Silica Hazard Awareness: Exposure to silica dust can be as dangerous as exposure to asbestos. This two-hour class trains workers to understand and avoid the hazard. Class materials and certificate awarded upon completion of the training. • Respiratory Protection: This two-hour training covers the respiratory protection program, testing, fitting, voluntary use, and cleaning of respirators.

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