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Supported or Suspended Scaffolds - Choice of three classes: Chicago Scaffold Card or Hazard Awareness or Competent Person Training


  • 4 Hour Scaffold Hazard Awareness training is the minimum safety knowledge for scaffold workers.
  • 8 Hour Scaffold Safety Training for the Competent Person - a Competent Person is required when erecting or dismantling scaffold, and should inspect the scaffold before each workshift  work.
  • Chicago Scaffold Card - The identification card shall include a photograph of the student’s face, and shall include the following information: the student’s name, the student’s building trade, the institution’s name, the date the course was completed, expiration date, and the type(s) of scaffolding that the student has been trained. This ID Card is required when scaffolding is being used in a building in the City of Chicago that is either (1) located anywhere within the central business district*, and is over forty (40) feet above grade or (2) any building over eighty (80) feet above grade.


Who should attend? 
All workers and anyone that will be on a scaffold - including supervision and engineers.

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  • 4 Hour Scaffold Hazard Awareness
  • 8 Hour Scaffold Safety Training for the Competent Person
  • Chicago Scaffold Safety Training ID Card

Participants will receive

  • Books and all classroom materials
  • Class Certificate or
  • Wallet Certificate or
  • Chicago Scaffold Card