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Occupational Stress Prevention Program Improve Employee Performance

Occupational Stress Prevention Program: The level of performance of every employee (including managers) is directly proportional to the level of stress they may be experiencing in their workplaces. Stress affects performance at every single level in occupational settings. We define stress as occupational when it is derived from specific aspects linked to the tasks performed at the workplace, or the interactions given in that context. The occupational stress prevention program basis itself on a 8 scale model that targets the most common (and important) areas where occupational stress typically occurs and it provides with appropriate mechanisms to diffuse some of its most damaging effects even before they occur. 2.1 Occupational Stress Management Program (for high hazard occupations): For occupations in which there is a known and pre-determined high level of occupational stress, we work directly on modified strategies (based on our 8 scale model) that are focused directly on managing stress so that employees’ health (both physical and emotional), performance, and the objectives of the company are not compromised. We measure each participant’s coping mechanisms according to their work tasks and develop an individual and group plan to assess, control, and diffuse areas of tension and strain.

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