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FREE CLASS - Excavation Safety Training - Construction English or Spanish

This 4 hour OSHA Compliant Excavation Hazard Awareness Training addresses information on safety requirements, concerns and precautions when working in and around any man-made cut, cavity, trench, or depression in an earth surface, formed by earth removal.

Participants will learn to conduct inspections and classify soil  through both visual and manual testing. Sloping, Benching and Shoring techniques for each type of soil classification will be examined.


Who should attend? 
This course is designed for construction workers, foremen, job superintendents, and anyone involved in the construction industry who oversee Excavation Protection Systems on the job site. OSHA requires that all excavation hazards be assessed and preventative measures be determined by a “Competent Person” prior to commencing activities in that area.

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  • Identifying and eliminating hazards
  • Underground Utilities - Color Codes
  • JULIE - Calling 811
  • Soil Classification
  • Sloping, Benching, and Shoring
  • Competent Person Requirements

Participants will receive

  • Student Workbook and Class Materials
  • Picture ID Certificate Card, or
  • Wall Certificate
  • Letter of Completion for Company Records